Social Pay is a unique payment system making group transactions as easy, secure and profitable as taking one individual payment. It delivers the best user experience to customers while allowing you to manage everything in one place.

Unlike any other payment getaway

Unlike other standard payment gateways, Social Pay is specifically designed to avoid common group-payment pitfalls thanks to its innovative Pre-Pay feature. With pre-pay, users can pre-authorise payments for up to seven days, with finalisation triggered by the group leader once all payment are received.

Group discounts the right way

Your customers can enjoy the added benefits of group discounts and stress-free individual payments, (meaning no one person will have to fit the bill and then chase up the monies later), but for you, thanks to the client payment dashboard, the transaction is as simple as a single booking.


Also unique to the Social Pay system; all funds are transferred into an escrow account, which legally belongs to you, making it an ideal solution for the travel industry. Customer payment card details are securely stored, (our payment partner is PCI compliant and regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), so checkout is safe, simple and your conversion rates maximised.

Built for developers

Social Pay utilises a set of unified APIs and tools that instantly enables businesses to accept and manage online payments.