Case Study: Surrey County Cricket Club

Social booking for Surrey County Cricket Club at the Kia Oval marks the beginning of Make it Social’s partnership with Ticketmaster Sport.

The Challenge

Cricket supporters have been making it social at the Kia Oval since 1845. That’s 171 years that this national sporting arena has encouraged friends and family to come together to watch Surrey County Cricket play. But in more recent times and in a data driven world they have been keen to know who exactly is entering the turnstiles – this is where MiS can help.

Always seeking to improve its customer services, the Kia Oval was attracted by the MiS technology, which enables customers to easily book tickets as a social group. The MiS social booking solution makes it easy for groups to form, without the hassle organisers usually face from chasing people up and gathering money. Consumers pay individually for their tickets and the Kia Oval has visibility of all attendees’ preferences and data. This includes seating location, dietary requirements and number of match programmes ordered.

The Solution

MiS’s innovative social booking technology combines the peer-to-peer networking of friends, family, colleagues or club members to book together in an easy-to use application.

By interfacing directly with the Kia Oval website, MiS was able to provide Surrey County Cricket Club with enhanced customer data for all consumers attending and not just the social group leader - as with legacy solutions.

The MiS social booking platform successfully encouraged existing customers to invite their friends, as well as enabled new attendees. Post-event, the Kia Oval was able to identify that 85% of the MiS bookers were new additions to their consumer database. That exponential growth of the Kia Oval customer database, whilst providing an easy and intuitive social booking solution to attend and enjoy cricket together, is what Make it Social is all about.

About The Kia Oval

Surrey County Cricket Club is one of the most historic sports clubs in the United Kingdom. They are also the first from the Ticketmaster Sport clientbase to offer the MiS social booking experience on their website:

Despite its legendary status as a cricket ground, it actually held England’s first ever international football match - versus Scotland - as well as various rugby encounters between the old national rivals. It also hosted the first ever FA Cup final!

New data

T20 Experience With Friends

MiS was initially allocated tickets for the T20 matches in the 2016 season, and sold both via the MiS social booking platform and from the Kia Oval within a white-label solution. Jointly analysing the data evidence from this season-long experience, MiS is delighted to report that:

The Surrey Cricket Fans love going to Kia Oval together!

By providing the Kia Oval with a social booking platform, customers could easily invite friends to attend the cricket together. In fact, the average MiS social booking group size was 7.4 customers. That’s an increase from an average of 2.3 customers per transaction via the Kia Oval website.

In cash terms, that’s a leap from £60 to a £185 per MiS transaction!

The largest MiS social booking size was an amazing 19 people!

Due to the Make it Social’s personalised and Kia Oval-branded social booking invitations, the MiS booking ratio was 39.5%. This is compares exceptionally well in comparison to other industry conversion rates.








For the first season MiS ran two targeted marketing campaigns in support of social booking at the Kia Oval. This campaign included promotion on facebook, where the click-through rates (CTR) were 58% higher than the industry standard in a similar category.

The campaign which also offered social bookers a financial incentive achieved a 3% CTR. Better still, the spot-adverts promoting the social booking solution achieved a 3.9% CTR. (The average CTR for entertainment typically only achieves 2.2% according to Salesforce.)

The ad offering a financial incentive got 3% CTR and the ad promoting social booking feature got 3.89% CTR (Average in Entertainment category is 2.24% according to Salesforce).


The analysis of MiS and Kia Oval consumer demographics indicates that younger, urban-dwelling buyers are more likely to use the Make it Social solution with 84% of users aged 16 - 34.

The Verdict?

MiS undertook a follow-up survey with users regarding their experience of the Kia Oval social booking solution. MiS is delighted to report that:


Of users attended matches in larger social groups


Users added on average to the Social Booking


Of users would recommend Social Booking to others

The feedback

"Overall the T20 campaign went extremely well and we were very happy with the results via MiS and feedback from customers was very positive. Also those that booked via MiS were purchasing more tickets within their groups than through our normal channels. This was above what we were hoping for. We will definitely be using MiS next season and are looking forward to working with them on new projects in the future."

Steve Kitcher, Head of Ticketing & Membership Kia Oval

Working with the MiS team was a breeze, they were never more than a call/email away. When teething problems arose they were quickly resolved - I don’t think any of them go home. We were constantly updated with all aspects during the process and when in full swing required minimal attention. MiS provide the data, after that it was simply down to our team to print and send. I’m looking forward to working with them in the future."

Remi Moya, Ticketing Manager, Kia Oval

Ticketmaster Sport is the preferred ticketing system of football's English Premier League, Championship & League 1 clubs and also the favourite of Premiership Rugby clubs and Test Match cricket grounds. The system provides an intuitive interface, combined with probably the most extensive functionality across the market. Ticketmaster Sport also provides integration with 3rd party applications allowing you to have the best of all worlds. This includes, single fan login across multiple ecommerce providers, access control systems, season ticket finance providers, EFT , CRM and of course Make it Social.

Our favourite customer quotes

"I think what you offer is fantastic. Having done loads of these things in the past it has always been an absolute nightmare booking tickets for everyone and then trying to get them to pay you back!" - Lawrie, London

"I think it’s a great Idea as I probably wouldn’t have bothered to do it without this option." - Matthew, London